Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here's The Thing....

Dear Reality Television,

I will start off by telling you that this is a very difficult letter for me to write. We've been together for a large portion of my life. There have been good times, bad times, and everything in between but I feel like we are at a cross roads in our relationship. You and I have changed and now stand for different things. In fact, most the time I find it difficult to respect you. You used to be new and exciting, but somewhere along the way you turned cheap... like crack cheap. You are the crack of prime time television and you have held power over my life for far too long. No one really wants you in their life, but damn it, if you haven't latched on to us with a death grip. I'm sorry, but it's time I cut you out for good.

Some of the issues I have with you that are leading me to the ending of our relationship, are that you are taking quality scripted television off the air. You have branched off into every network, making every channel toxic and unsafe for me. You act as a cancer, swallowing the careers of talented entertainment industry professionals and making the host network a vile distributor of crap. You have made worthless people into house hold names. I can't believe you would promote people like Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Tyra Banks... You know how I feel about them. And you continuously throw them in my face. The sheer disrespect you have for me is sickening.

Another issue I take with you is you promote negative thinking among the populous. You feed on people writing awful things like, "he looks like a rape baby...", "she is such a prosti-tot...", and "she is, in fact, satan's whore..." on blogs, vlogs, and message boards. You allow people to criticize actual people to nth degree. You relish that we go for blood and comment on peoples looks, talents, and say things about peoples mother whom, by the way, we have never met. Yes, I know people put themselves on there by choice. I know you don't force anyone to do anything and they should act more appropriately on national television. But you also don't have any decorum either. You blur the lines of reality so much, so that I find people don't understand that it is not ok to call someone a, "hershey squirt licking slut bag." People may have thought this before, but you make it so people will say it to someones face. Not Ok!!! You have single handedly made our society stupider, and you promote physical violence!! Wow. You shame me.

You disregard peoples humanity. You turn them into a corporate product and you ask the rest of us to boo and hiss at your created villains in this modern day melodrama. You make us forget that the people on your show are ACTUAL people, and not characters. It's not ok the way you treat people, and it's worse that you ask us to treat people like that in our daily lives. You have surrounded us in a shroud of negativity and you feed off of our souls. You try, daily, to destroy peoples compassion for one another. Sadly, you are winning this war.

Look, Reality TV, I know I have been bashing you most this letter. We did have some great times together. Remember the real world before everyone was a slut? Those were fun times. Remember American Idol season 1, cycles 1-3 of Americas Next Top Model, as well as seasons 1-4 of Project Runway? They were genius! But lately, you've promoted things like Teen Cribs, The Bad Girls Club, Big Brother, all of the Real Housewives shows, and everything on VH1. What happened to you? You turned on me. You once held such promise as a new inventive form of competition and television but now, sadly, you just promote violent sluts. Way to go. I hope you're proud.

I think I've said enough on this, Reality TV. I just want you to know that I can't respect you or support you any longer. You have ruined the entertainment industry and our society. I don't want you to contact me, and I am fully prepared to put a restraining order on you. If I haven't been clear enough, I'll end with this... FUCK OFF and get the hell off my TV!!



Can you also take infomercials with you? Thanks.


  1. I am so down with this boycott.

    We should go ahead and let reality TV know that no one really wants to keep up with the Kardashians and that Dancing with the Stars attracts D-listers with expensive coke habits.